Harzer Fuchs

Askja is the name of a mountain (volcano / system) in Iceland. The Icelandic Mountain Askja consists of about 45 km² large caldera (cauldron-shaped slump structure volcanic / volcanic crater), are the two lakes, including the Öskjuvatn, who is with 220 meters as the deepest lake in Iceland.

He emerged as the smaller Viti crater in a violent eruption in 1875.
The ash fall was so violent, especially in the east fjords that pasture land was poisoned on long periods of time and many people emigrated.
The volcano had previously been virtually completely unknown.

However, the word Askja in the general language of Iceland “box” in which geologists language “caldera (crater)”.
Inform ions to the volcano Askja can be found here. A few nice pictures of the volcano Gibt’s still here.

The first days at home

On 21.12.2005 we have “our” Harzer Fuchs in Eindhoven / Netherlands, collected from family Nijland. Here we were able to choose the puppy of three existing bitches (the whole litter consisted of a total of nine puppies). The puppy was baptized by us in the name of “Askja” and had his first ride home 540 km to “survive”. The trip home went though largely peaceful and under the circumstances “stressfei” because Asjka had been accustomed drive through an hour’s drive to the car by her breeders already. Once home, the puppy was from Dennis and Daniel, our two sons, already expected and received with joy.

Askja had to be the first to the new environment and the many new faces used (children, grandpas and grandmas, and later the neighbor’s children, remaining relatives and family friends). At times, therefore, had to short term “play and visit prohibitions” are pronounced, so that the dog got his necessary rest periods.

In the first explorations “away from home”, the ever-long walks, she learned then also the first dog of the neighborhood know. This she was still first with some mixed feelings about and did not quite know what to do with these or think of these. They also showed initially, depending on the dog’s type and size, completely different reactions from barking and growling, to anxious zurückweichen.Mittlerweile but it has among the dogs of the neighborhood one or the other friend / in found while with him strange dogs would rather limited auf’s distanced barking.

Since Askja came to us just before Christmas, then was quite fast on the first drive in the family car. We decided to get used to it only with a Carry Box (similar. Flugbox plastic, slightly smaller version) of driving. At first they did not seem so excited to be at the beginning of it and tried to get out of their box. But after a few kilometers we could but then persuaded to lie down in the box. With the number of car journeys then ultimately increased their willingness to stay in the box.

Since these but also quite fast too small and therefore too tight for the dog was pulled after a short time in their (larger) transport box in the boot of the vehicle to where they initially but not necessarily wanted to stay. But you got used to after a few trips to the new “Carpool” and has now found its final, fairly spacious place in the family car.

Then she had the end of December also their first visit to the vet, which they, however, (in spite of a small syringe to complete the necessary vaccinations) mastered with flying colors.